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Some People


Some people can get a thrill
Knitting sweaters and sitting still
That's okay for some people
Who don't know they're alive

Some people can thrive and bloom
Living life in a living room
That's peachy for some people
Of one hundred and five

But I at least got to try
When I think of all the sights that I gotta see yet
All the places I gotta play
All the things that I gotta be yet
C'mon papa, whaddaya say?

Some people can be content
Playing bingo and paying rent
That's living for some people
For some humdrum people to be
But some people ain't me

I had a dream
A wonderful dream, papa
All about June in the Orpheum circuit
Gimma a chance, I know I can work it!
Oh, what a dream!
And it was just as real as can be, papa
No wait, look, see, there I was in Mr. Orpheum's office
And he was saying to me, Rose

Get yourself some new orchestrations
New routines and red velvet curtains
Get a feathered hat for the baby
Photographed in front of the theatre
Get an agent, and in jig time
You'll be being booked in the big time

Oh, what a dream!
A wonderful dream, papa
And all that I need is eighty-eight bucks, papa
That's what he said, papa
Only eighty-eight bucks, papa...

(spoken) Yeah, but it's only eighty-eight bucks. ...It's eighty-eight lousy bucks! ...What do you mean, I ain't getting eighty-eight cents outta you? Well I'll get it! And I'll get my kids OUT!

Goodbye to blueberry pie
Goodbye to all the socials I had to go to
All the lodges I had to play
All the shriners I said hello to
Hey L.A., I'm coming your way!

Some people sit on their butts
Got the brains, yeah, but not the guts
That's living for some people
For some humdrum people to be
Well they can stay and rot
But not me!