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Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy


Oh Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy
Were fashioned one day
From one little pile of rags
Just a pile of rags
And the small, painted-on smile

Oh, Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy
Had hair that was made
From one little ball of yarn
Just a ball of yarn
In the same markedy style

Even the buttons
Used for their eyes
Came from the same old box
Full of buttons
Buttons for eyes
Round with surprise
At seeing

A raggedy friend with raggedy feelings
Exactly like yours
A someone for you to love
Made for you to love
With your whole raggedy heart

They dangled their legs
They dreamed of a nursey
Of children and toys
And one sunny little shelf
Just a little shelf
They could share, never to part

Ready for Christmas
Freckles and all
Oh, what a pair
When there in the toy store
One day a child
Looked up and smiled
At seeing

A raggedy friend
With raggedy feelings
Exactly like his
A someone for him to love
Made for him to love
With his whole raggedy heart

Then Raggedy Ann
Saw Raggedy Andy
Put into a box
And tied with a ribbon bow
Where oh where was he going?
On a lonely shelf
Dangling by herself
She would never know