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I Never Have Seen Snow

(Harold Arlen)

I have lost my ugly spell
I am cheerful now
Got the warm-all-over
Smoothin' my worried brow

Oh the girl I used to be
She ain't me no more
I have closed the door
On the girl I was before

Feelin' fine and full of bliss
What I really want to say
Is this

I never have seen snow
All the same, I know
Snow ain't so beautiful
Can't be so beautiful
Like my love is
Like my love is

Nothin' to compare
Nothin' anywhere
With my love

A hundred things I see
Twilight sky, that tree
But none so beautiful
Not one so beautiful
As my love is
As my love is

Once you see his face
None can take the place
Of my love

A stone rolled off my heart
When I laid my eyes on that near to me boy
With that faraway look
And right from the start
I saw a new horizon
And a road to take me where
I wanted to be took
Needed to be took

Although I never have seen snow
All the same I know
Nothin' can ever be
Nothing will ever be
Beautiful as my love is
Like my love is
To me