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Consider Yourself/Hello, I Love You/
I Gotta Be Me/Consider Yourself (reprise)


ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, miss Liza Minnelli!

Consider yourself at home
Consider yourself one of the family
I've taken to you so strong
It's clear we're going to get along

Consider yourself willing
Consider yourself part of the furniture
I haven't a lot to spare
Who cares? Whatever I got, I share

Nobody tries to be la-de-da and uppity
There's a cup of tea for all
Only it's wise to be handy with a rolling pin
When the landlord comes to call

Consider yourself my mates
I don't wanna have no fuss
For after some consideration, I can state
Consider yourself one of us

I love you, won't you tell me your name?
Hello, I love you
Like to jump in your game
Hello, I love you
Won't you tell me, tell me your name?

I've great enthusiasm I can bring
To a lot of lovely songs I'm gonna sing
They'll be happy and sad
Old fashioned and new
And every one I've got belongs to you

I've got five dollars
I'm in good condition
And I've got ambition
That belongs to you

Suits, coats, and collars
Debt beyond endurance
All my life insurance
That belongs to you

I gotta be me
I gotta be me
I'm willing to try
Do it or die
I gotta be me

So make yourself comfortable
Cos here we go!
It's gonna take both of us
To make this show
Settle back, let's have some fun
Consider it said
Consider it done

Consider yourselves my mates
I've plenty of love to send
For after all consideration I can state
I think that the friends you'll meet should get along just great
I knew tonight's a night that we should celebrate
And consider yourselves my friends