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Hello Dolly

Hello Liza, hey hello Liza
It's so nice to see your here where you belong
You're looking swell, Mama
I can tell, Mama
You're still growin', you're still crowin'
You're still goin' strong
We hear the room swayin'
While the band's playin'
One of your old favorite songs
From way back when, so
Take her wrap, fellas
Find her an extra wrap, fellas
Hey, we're never gonna go away again

JUDY: (spoken) Hello everybody! Hello! Hello Marnie, hello Peter!
LIZA: (spoken) Hi, how are you?
JUDY: (spoken) I'm fine, marvelous! Hello, gallery! Hello England!
LIZA: (spoken) Yes!
JUDY: (spoken) It's so nice to be back. Hello, Palladium.
LIZA: (spoken) I can see, where's my step-mother?
JUDY: (spoken) Well they're not gonna say hello back!
LIZA: (spoken) Denise, hello!
JUDY: (spoken) Ohhh!
LIZA: (spoken) How are you?
JUDY: (spoken) Well hello Liza! Don't get our wires crossed.

So, golly gee, Mama
I would like to only be Mama
Hey, we're never gonna go away
Can't you see we're really here to stay
Hey, we're never gonna go away again


JUDY: (spoken) I think we should do that ending again, it was so good!