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Hooray For Love

JUDY: (spoken) Oh dear! Isn't that marvelous?

Love, love, hooray for love
Who was ever too blazé for love?
Make this a night for love
If we have to fight, let's fight for love

Some sigh and cry for love
People in Pareé, they die for love
Some waste away for love
Just the same, hooray for--

After you've gone
And left me cryin'
After you've gone
There's no denyin'

You're gonna feel blue
And you're gonna feel sad
You're gonna feel bad
And you'll miss the bestest pal you've ever had

I will just go my way by myself
It's where the comedy ends
I'll try to deny myself
Love and laughter and friends
I'll face the unknown
I'll see the world on my own
No one knows better than I myself
But by myself

It's wonderful
It's marvelous
That you could care for me
It's awful nice
It's paradise
What I love to see

I like New York in June, how about you?
I love a Gershwin tune, how about you?
I like a fireside
When a storm is due
I like potato chips
Moonlight and motor trips
How about you?

The sky was blue
And high above
The moon was new
And so was love
They say that heart of mine was singin'
Love, where can you be?

I remember every little thing you used to do
I know, every road I walk along, I walk along with you

After the night and the music
Fill me, but will we be two?
After the night and the music die
Will I have you?

I can be happy, I can be sad
I can be good or bad
It all depends on you
I can be humble out in the crowd
I can be lonely, I can be proud
It all depends on you

I know that I can save money or spend it
Go right on living or end it
You're to blame, dear, for what I do

I know that I can be beggar, I can be king
I can be almost any old thing
It all depends if we're singing together
We have found if we're singing together
The state of the weather turns from gray to blue
Well it all depends on you


JUDY: (spoken) You're a marvelous audience, you're an extremely marvelous audience, really.
LIZA: (spoken) Believe it!
JUDY: (spoken) I don't mean to make you a prop man, well, leave your microphone. Are you alright? Okay. Well, I've got to get this one off. I'm always giving orders and never following them out myself. (responding to audience member) Oh, you're gonna get 'em! If you want 'em. We'll do 'em. (responding again) Oh, we're gonna get to her, she's next in line! She hasn't talked to me since I made that record! Let's try this one out, for, for, just for a new feeling.