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I'm All I've Got

I'm all I've got
No matter what, you can not rearrange me
Into a shy and demure and a strange me
You'll never change me to what I'm not
I'm all I've got
And I've got quite a lot
Of whatever I've got

One thing I'm not
I'm not a leaf in a gale that is blowing
Won't take a trail til I know where it's going
The boat I'm rowing, a yacht it's not
Who needs a yacht when I've got
Such a lot of whatever I've got

I don't admire a million sheep
Who walk around disguised as people
I'd rather jump right off a steeple
Or by a firing shod be squat--
Or by a firing squad be shot than rot
In a pigeonhole or a slot

I'm all I've got
And when I look in the mirror, I love it (mwah!)
So let the whole world condemn me, what of it?
I rise above it
My simple plot is to be what I am
I am me, and that's how you'll take me
You'll find you can't domesticate or break me
I am me, and you can never make me what I'm not
I am stuck with whatever I've got
So rise or fall I'm all I've got!

LIZA: (spoken) Do you think this number is too much? Think I get too corny?