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Johnny One Note

Johnny could only sing one note and the note he sang was this...
(Judy hits an off-pitch note)
LIZA: (spoken) YES!
Poor Johnny one note
Sang out with gusto
And just overloaded the place
Poor Johnny one note
Got in Aida
Indeed, a big chance to disgrace
Poor Johnny one note
Sing Johnny one note out loud!


JUDY: (spoken) I hate that song! I see no reason for singing that song! Finally last night, we had a rehearsal. We were all together, we were trying to go straight.
LIZA: (spoken) You should see him standing on his head! Glorious!
JUDY: (spoken) He does stand on his head! We did all try and get the blood up into our faces. Well now, what are we going to sing, Liza?
LIZA: (spoken) I think we're going to sing--
(random audience member): Rainbow!
JUDY: (spoken) Oh not yet!
LIZA: (spoken) There's A Hole In The Bucket?
JUDY: (spoken) A Hole In The Bucket?
LIZA: (spoken) When did you sing that?
JUDY: (spoken) I don't know! I must've sang it when I was with the Hillbilly Three.
(random audience member): Judy, we love you!
JUDY: (spoken) I DO love you!