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A Quiet Thing


(spoken) When I was 18, I was in the first show that I was ever in on Broadway. It was called Flora, The Red Menace. Thank you. And it was just a dream come true for me naturally, and since then... well, a lot of my dreams have come true. Like being in the movies, and being on TV, and being here and all of you coming here. And I find that whenever anything really good happens to me, I always react the same way. You know what I mean? I get the same feeling, and I often wondered if there weren't other people who had that reaction. It's described almost perfectly in a song that's from that show I was talking about, from Flora. I hope you like this song, this is my favorite song.

When it all comes true
Just the way you planned
It's funny, but the bells don't ring
It's a quiet thing
When you hold the world
In your trembling hand
You'd think you'd hear a choir sing
It's a quiet thing

There are no exploding fireworks
Where's the roaring of the crowds?
Maybe it's the strange new atmosphere
Way up here among the clouds

But I don't hear the drums
And I don't hear the band
The sounds I'm told such moments bring
Happiness comes in on tip-toe
Well, whaddaya know
It's a quiet thing
A very quiet thing