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I'm One Of The Smart Ones


I'm one of the smart ones!
I got it all figured!

You won't find me in one of them broken down flats
Commanding an army of brats, not me, ha!
You won't catch me bent over and ready to rub
Some grimy old ring in a tub, not me

Got it figured
Got it planned
How's my future?

And you won't see me whenever the dinner is through
With mountains of dishes to do, not me
That's for some dumb someone else
Not me!

My daddy used to tell me
When I was barely three
Lay down with the dog
And you'll get up with the flea

Pick out a brave with wampum
All of the rest is talk
Only a brave with wampum
Buys a good tomahawk, oh!

Lovin' is like a horse race
You'll have a value high
If you remain a filly
Only winners can ride

Well daddy, I learned my lesson
Ha! Daddy, I'm cuttin' loose
Daddy, I'm gonna make you proud
Of this papoose!

I'm one of the smart ones!
I got it all figured!

You won't find me tied down to some boozy old slob
Who's chronically out of a job, ah, not me
You won't catch me uncappin' a bottle of beer
And figurin' Christmas is here, not me!

Got it figured
Soon or late
I'll be doin' great

And when you see me hobnobbin' on top of the town
My emeralds weighin' me down, you'll cry
There goes baby!
Ain't she flyin' high?