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My Shining Hour


(spoken) Listen, I don't have any, I don't have any like, more charts written or anything, so I'll just sing something with a piano, okay? Is that alright? You're so swell. I tried to-- *in response to audience member* I'll never forget you! It's been wonderful.

This, this moment
This minute
And each second in it
Will leave a glow upon the sky
And as time goes by
It will never die

This will be my shining hour
Calm and happy and bright
In my dreams
Your face is a flower
Through the darkness of the night
Like the lights of home before me
Or an angel watching o'er me

This will be my shining hour
Til I'm with you again
Til I'm with you

Don't say why, say why not
What lies beyond what is, is not
So what, say yes!
Yes I can
Yes I will
Yes I'll take a sip
Yes I'll touch
Yes of course
Yes how nice
Yes I'd happily thank you very much

Til I'm with you again

(spoken) Goodnight, and thank you.