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Liza Minnelli: Live at the Olympia in Paris

The following are reviews of Liza's seventh album, Liza Minnelli: Live at the Olympia in Paris, written for fans, by fans. If you would like to contribute a review of the album yourself, feel free to submit it to me at and I will be sure to add it to the page ASAP! You will receive full credit to your name with your review.

Live Minnelli: Live at the Olympia in Paris is the first great example of the live Liza Minnelli experience made commercially available. It captures all the energy, excitement, positivity, and mutual love between both Liza and her audience. For those who had the supreme honor of getting to see her perform during this period, it's a blast frmo the past; for those of us who were born too late, it's a small glimpse into the wonder that makes up the stardom of Liza Minnelli. (Being a child of the 80's, I fall into the latter category.)
The setlist presented here, I feel is a really spectacular one. Not only does it provide a snapshot of the times, but the particular choices of songs showcase Liza's talents beautifully; everything from the soft, breathy ballads to fall in love to, to the huge, big band belters that Liza is so well-known for. Add into the mix that this was right on the cusp of Liza's career forever taking off and skyrocketing with Cabaret, and it's really no wonder that this woman is a living legend of our times.
This album puts you right there into the audience, making you feel a part of this spectacular evening without ever having to leave the comfort of your living room. Any Liza fan who hasn't a copy of this album in their collection is really missing out!

-- Jennifer Abraham